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All items are "one one a kind",
If you fall in love with a SOLD creation contact me and I will make you one close.



                                                        Hand Felted Purses and Totes


     “Burgurdy and Silk”

This purse is hand wet felted using Merino sheep fiber and a piece of silk yardage. It has a med. blue colored interior. Also a small front pocket with a shoulder strap.

Size: 9.5″ x 9.5″

Price: $60.00 


  ” Forest Green and Silk”              

 This purse is hand wet felted and made from Merino sheep wool. Emblished with a strip of silky material that goes completely around the purse. There is a small pocket located on the outside front. The handle is a short shoulder strap. Wonderful soft to the touch and light weight to carry. Size: 9.5 x 9.5.

Price: $60.00 



    Leaf Triangle Purse

 This creation drapes off of the shoulder and lays comfortably next to the waist/hip. A triangle design, yet able to hold all your necessary items. Hand dyed, wet felted and designed  in a one of a kind accessory to complment your wardrobe. It is emblished with golden leaf charms. 

Measures 10″ x 11″  

Price: $70.00 


A very soft felted small sturdy, purse made from Cormo Sheep Wool. Has a flat handle, long enough to be a shoulder strap for a child. A knitted closure, middle top of purse keeps contents safe and secure.

Size: 5″ x 6.5″

Price: $28.00 



 Blue Maroon Purse

 A soft blend of Merino wool and Alpaca Fiber. Over the shoulder strap, rectangle med. size purse. Has a knotted closure. Very light weight, but plenty of room to carry all you will need.  

Price: $45.00 


This is a natural Grey color from Alpaca. Wet felted purse. Accents are silver cording with some bling added with buttons. Over the shoulder handle.

Price: $65.00 


Grey Alpaca with Mohair locks. Wet felted purse. Sold


 “Gray Splash”

A wonderfully soft purse hand wet felted using alpaca natural gray fibers. This purse is emblished with a fun/novelity yarn that has been wet felted into the alpaca fibers , creating a lovely textured surface and adding a fringed edge around the top of the purse.  This purse has a matching hat.

Size:  12″x 12″  

Price:$60.00 Sold


  “Burgurdy Swirl” 

  A purse hand wet felted using Sheltland wool. A folded over natural edged opening with a magnetic snap.This purse measures 13″ x 11″ and has a moderate shoulder strap that can be adjusted by knoting to any length. Price:$60.00