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All items are "one one a kind",
If you fall in love with a SOLD creation contact me and I will make you one close.


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Gray Sheen_(1) “Gray Sheen”

A nuno felted infinity scarf, using natural gray Alpaca fibers , embellished with silk fibers. This scarf is a shorter version laying close to the neck, like a collar. Fits those with smaller heads to enable ease of slipping over the head.


French Vanilla_(1) French Vanilla2_(1) “ French Vanilla”

A nuno felted infinity scarf, white with a hint of pink, silk with locks. Very soft and drapes well. Will go well with many outfits, dressy or casual attire.


 Flower Lion2_(1) Flower Lion_(1) “Flower Lion”

A Nuno wet felted infinity scarf, made from alpaca and cormo blended fibers, Very soft and an eye catcher, looks great with denim.

Price: $51.25

Orange Splash2_(1) Orange Splash_(1) “Orange Splash”

This is a nuno wet felted infinity scarf. It is a continuous loop around the neck, worn like a necklace. A light weight airy accent to many outfits. Made with silk and locks for embellishment.

Price: $41.05

Cinnamon2 Cinnamon_(1) “Cinnamon”

A Nuno Wet Felted scarf with extended edges and ends. A wonderful color, fabulous design, soft scarf of merino wool.

Price: $76.75

WINTER BREEZE_(1) WINTER BREEZE2_(1) “Winter Breeze”

A nice broad solid scarf, hand wet felted from alpaca fibers. Wide enough to be worn in many different ways including as a shawl. Untrimmed edges gives a rustic or slightly whimsy look.

Price: $71.65

 GREEN FADE_(1)  “Green Fade”

This is a solid alpaca scarf, hand dyed, about 6” wide and 72” long. Very soft and fashionable.

Price: $66.55

 FireStone2_(1) FireStone_(1) “Fire Stone”

A solid hand felted scarf using natural gray alpaca and hand painted red accents. This scarf is Nuno Felted over silk fabric. Very light weight and soft, with wispy edges, a little wider than my other scarves, can be worn as a shawl with a clip.

Price: $ 71.65

Navy Tie-dye_(1) Navy Tie-dye2_(1) ”Navy Tie-dye”

A solid design, hand painted, used alpaca fibers with 10% cormo wool. This scarf is felted over a silk inlayed fabric.  A very soft , next to the skin comfort.  A wonderful accent to any outfit , looks really nice with denim.

Price: $71.65


Blue Melody_(1) “Blue Melody”

Light weight, warm, nuno felted scarf. I used a blend of Cormo sheep wool and alpaca, hand dyed a medium blue. Designed with stripes and a wave form down the length of the scarf. Fringe from the stripes extend off the ends of the scarf. A striking fashion statement .

Price: $71.65

 Island BreeseIsland Breese2 “Island Breeze”

A very soft, light scarf. Nuno felted using hand dyed merino wool, mohair locks, and silk, felted through a silk fabric scarf .

Price: $71.65

 orange_lattice_scarf_300_01 Latter Scarf

Alpaca fibers , wet felted in a latter scarf design. Simple yet fun, a vibrant, burnt orange.

Price: $66.55


101_0778_300 Lattice Scarf

Artistic designed lattice scarf. Original wet felted alpaca/cormo blend with fun yarn accent and a single beige wool yarn down the center.  The open spaces allow for all kinds of positioning of the scarf over the shoulders or hanging down the front. Very soft, light weight, while still adding much warmth around the neck.

Price: $66.55


orangefringescarf_300 Peachy Orange

A festive merino peachy orange, very light , hand wet felted scarf.  Embellished with a fun loopy yarn , which also adds fringe.

Price: $61.45

 101_0781_300 A Multi-Blue

Solid, light weight scarf. Made out of Merino wool and Alpaca fiber blend.

Price: $61.45


 Blue Surf “Blue Surf”

This scarf is made using Merino wool blended with Alpaca, hand felted through silk fabric. The design is of waves and surf in different shades of blue and burgundy. Design of loops embellish the ends of the scarf. Size approx. 76” x 10”

Price: $71.65

Purple Phase “Purple Phase” 

 A very soft and airy, nuno felted scarf: Nuno means the fibers have been felted through the fabric:    In this scarf , I used a mix of merino wool and silk fibers through a piece of silk fabric, in a cross lattice design.  I also added a freehand wispy edge and ends of lattice circles.  Very elegant!  It is approximately 80 inches in length and 10 inches wide.   One of a kind.

Price:  $81.85

101_0793_900 “Blue Square”

 Wet Felted alpaca scarf. Square design accented with loopy yarn. Wonderful drape.


 101_0779_900 Alpaca and Merino

A solid wet felted scarf, Blend of Alpaca and merino wool.  A great warm accent to any outfit.

Price: $61.45

2010feltedcreationstosell_031_300 “Warm Pink”

This wonderfully soft scarf in a silk laminate, meaning that Alpaca fibers are wet felted to intertwine through the silk material. Making this scarf light as air and a unique fashion statement. It has a silk fringe edge along both ends. A beautiful warm addition to any coat or outfit.

Price: $66.55

blueholeymoleycrossovertheshoulderscarf_300 “Holey-Moley”

 A blue with purple tints, alpaca scarf. I call this one “Holey-Moley”. With the spaces between you can thread the scarf through any space to create the shape you like. In this picture I have pull the end of scarf through hole ontop of the shoulder, without having to tie , the scarf lays nicely on the shoulder and will stay in place.  A one of a kind scarf.

Price: $66.55

bluenunocriscrossscarf_300 A nuno wet felted scarf.

Alpaca fibers , hand dyed, over a silk scarf with fringe. The inlayed design is in a criss-cross pattern.  Very soft, well draping scarf.  Light weight, you will barely know this scarf is there.

Price: $61.45

lightbluenunoscarf_300  A Nuno scarf

Hand dyed silk and merino wool. Feather light accent to any outfit.

       Price: $46.15

101_0787_300 “Sun Shine” 

A super soft Nuno wet felted scarf (shawl), made with hand dyed alpaca fibers.  The silk scarf has a small ribbed design. This scarf has width and length to cover shoulders and back.

Price: $71.65

blackponcho_v_300 “White Clouds” 

This poncho is a nuno creation, wet felted wht. Alpaca fibers over a lace poncho with fringe.  Warm, soft, unique design.

Price: $66.55

orangefringescarf_300 “Orange Fringe”

This is a wet felted, scarf enhanced with a fringe yarn.  Beautiful colors!! to adorne anyone’s shoulders. Made with Merino wool.

  Price: $61.45

 nunogreypurpleshaw_300  Nuno wet felted scarf

Merino wool over a silk scarf. So very soft, a width consistent with a shawl.  The colors are a light grey, with splashes of purple, and white silk.

Price: $71.65


Pencil Roving

This scarf if unique in the fact the fibers form a very thin line, by using pencil roving. They have been felted through the silk fabric. Wonderfully light, great drapability, nice long length to wrap various ways.

Price: $70.00


 scarf_blue_400 Blue Scarf

Lovely Blue scarf, alpaca fibers inlay-ed through a 1oo% silk scarf. Wonderful drape.

Length approx. 60″  Would go well with jeans. lovely accent scarf to any out fit. Light weight , airy, easily worn all day.

   Price: $55.00


100_0120_300 “Lattice Fall Colors”     

This scarf is a wonderfully light  weight creation handmade from Alpaca and merino .  The spaces allow this scarf to be positioned over the   shoulder or through a space in the front. The possibility’s  are many for arranging this scarf.  Though light weight and  ary this scarf will add warmth when worn next to the skin.

Price: $55.00



Soft Nuno Scarf

A wonderfully soft Nuno scarf, wet felted natural alpaca fibers over a black silk fabric. Drapes beautifully around the neck. This scarf will also add some warmth in the winter, so to the insulating properties of alpaca fiber. It is also light enough to be worn in the summer months.

Price: $65.00



greenlatticeshawscarf_300 A lattice style

A lattice style wide scarf (shawl) drapes over the shoulders covering arms and back with a unique design. The fiber is a blend of shetland sheep and alpaca (50/50) adds warmth and style to any outfit or coat.

Price: $65.00


harvest_yarn_play_scarf_300 “Garden Yarn Harvest” 

Wet Felted Alpaca Creation, this scarf is made from merino wool and alpaca fiber, 60/40 , it is embelished with yarns in matching colors, extending to create fringe. Wonderful Colors!!

  Price: $55.00



 nunowhtsilkblkalpacagoodview_300 White Silk

A Nuno wet felted scarf, White silk fabric, with black alpaca fiber. This scarf has length, drape, and a unique design. A wonderful accent to any wardrobe.

Price: $65.00